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The Fog of the Financial World

The world of Financial Advice is foggy to most, intimidating to some. As professionals caring for the financial livelihood of our doctor clients, it's our responsibility to help them see their path to independence more clearly.

So how do we know what's right for medical professionals and their families? Success starts with having the independence to fully meet your needs.

Independent Financial Planners like those at Bridge Wealth have access to a large volume of products, not a loyalty to certain ones. Thus the client has a much wider range of choices available to them. The Financial Planner creates the strategy, designs the plan and executes the management as well as the oversight of all aspects of the plan. They educate the client as to the thinking behind the plan's design. They understand how each client's expectation for being educated may differ and they devote the time and effort, client by client, to make sure they are comfortable and informed. Ultimately, we believe our independence affirms our objectivity and dedication to your best interests.

Additionally, in our opinion a balanced approach to the growth, protection and sustainability of your financial livelihood requires a multifaceted set of skills and expertise. At Bridge Wealth Advisors, we build a team of specialized professionals in each area of need, then integrate them to form the client’s truly customized and comprehensive plan.

This relieves the doctor client from the responsibility of micromanaging professionals who are a part of that team. That should be the responsibility of your Financial Planner, not you.

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