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GPS Plan

Navigating towards Financial Independence.
  • Growth

    The more effective strategy for securing and seeking the proper level of assets in your wealth portfolio.
    • Is your net cash-flow positive?
    • Set up a plan to make your money work for you
      • Contributions to tax-deductible and tax-deferred accounts
      • Contributions for college funding
      • Pay down debt
    • Implement appropriate investment strategy that fits the doctor’s risk profile
  • Protection

    The assurance that your assets are secure and protected.
    • Is the appropriate protection in place?
      • What if you pass away? Review life insurance.
      • What if you are injured or sick and cannot work? Review disability insurance.
      • What if you face a long-term care need? Review long-term care insurance.
  • Sustainability

    The plan to help ensure that you never worry about outliving your assets.
    • Is there a goal in place to live off a certain income per year?
    • What benefits will you be receiving – Social Security? Pension?
    • Review Investment strategy
      • Make sure account strategy fits time horizon
      • Want to preserve the assets first and foremost