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The Power of Your Practice

The Retirement plan at work is the most overlooked benefit provided by a company. Think about it. Do you or your employer know the cost of your health insurance? Do you know the cost of your personal insurance or property insurance of your business? Most likely you do because it is an out of pocket cost. But we find that most people do not have any idea what the internal costs are of their retirement plan or personal portfolio. As investors become more informed, they may be shocked by the high costs that can be common place in the financial industry.

At Bridge Wealth Advisors, we specialize in providing the right retirement solutions for our doctor clients. We know how high costs can prevent opportunities for the plans to grow and lead to less money saved for retirement. Don't we all want the best investment options possible when contributing to our plan? It sounds simple, but we find that most do not realize what they are paying. We will make sure you do.

Do you know what your retirement plan is costing you?

  • cost of retention and attraction
  • cost of money that could be saved
  • cost of missing years of retirement from lack of performance and missed opportunities
  • costing you time from lack of service...dealing with employees
  • cost of losing employee morale

Is your retirement plan being properly serviced?

We believe there is a major lack of service within the retirement planning industry. The lack of education leads to negative feelings towards retirement plans in general. The misunderstanding of how money can compound over time is lost among the average population. The benefit of free money provided on top of their contribution (known as an employer match) may never realized. These are just a few of the important details that we believe are not being taught within existing plans today. This simply should not happen.

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